keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2011

Veljesrakkautta valvovan silmän alla

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Jossu kirjoitti...


Uusivanha lukija ilmottautuu, luin sita vanhaa Butterfly-alkavalla blogiasi ja nyt vihdoin loysin taman uuden.

Toinen ulkomaalaisen kanssa kihloissa oleva ilmottautuu kanssa...asustellaan Brittimieheni kanssa taalla Saarella enka voisi kuvitellakaan minivuotista kaukosuhdetta, varsinkin naimisiissa olevana. So I was wondering whether Mike is actually moving to said in a post a couple of months ago that he was coming in May/June time. it'd be nice to read about your plans etc at some point :)

Jenni kirjoitti...

Heipä hei!

Voi harmi, että löysit tiesi tänne vasta nyt, mutta kiva että löysit kuitenkin :D

En tiedä pitäisikö tässä vastata suomeksi vai englanniksi, mutta kysyit englanniksi joten...

Mike is indeed moving to Finland (finally!), but due to his highly annoying lease agreement, he can't come until his lease term ends, which is in August. Given that all goes well, he should be relocating sometime in a couple of months now! I think I'll write an actual post about our plans, to get everyone back on track with us ;) Today, I promise!

Jossu kirjoitti...

oh brilliant, that's such good news...and at least that gave him a couple more months to work and safe up some money ;)how about your animals etc? Looking forward to reading about your plans and whatnots soon!

Joo, siis, kumpikin kieli kay, mutta toi englanti on hieman helpompi mulle kirjoittaa...oon asunu ulkomailla 16 vuotta ja se alkaa nakymaan vihdoin :)

Toivottelen teille kaikkea hyvaa ja ihanaa kun vuosien odotus vihdoin paattyy. Jaan jatkossa seuraamaan tata blogia ja jos joskus uskon kommentistani olevan hyotya saatan sellaisen heittaa tanne :)

xx J

Jenni kirjoitti...

As far as animals go, our beloved salamander, Sally Pickels, just passed away a few days ago - she was going to move to Finland too, due to her old age and special needs. Our two older bearded dragons, Karma & Loki, are moving to Finland as we've had them since they were babies and couldn't imagine a life without them.

Our iguana is going to have a new home at my husband's step-father's place, though we are sad to give her up, as we've helped her grow from the small, mistreated young girl to a large, gorgeous and well-fed iguana that she is today. However, transporting such a large lizard and it's huge cage would be extremely difficult - and costly.

Our baby bearded dragons (who were only supposed to be with us temporarily and never got named) are going to live with husband's friend's friend's, who is a very lizard-loving girl.

The fate of our cat is still a mystery, as my asthma tends to become pretty bad whenever I'm near him. He's also still very destructive... My mother-in-law said before that she'd take him as she loves him, but my sister-in-law, little Hannah, is for some reason terrified of the cat and won't go near him... If they won't take him, he might move here with us, because I wouldn't want him to go to a stranger. At the same time, I'm very worried about my asthma and him being in the same house >_>